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Suicide: Take the Warning Signs Serious

As September is Suicide Prevention Month and as it comes to an end, officials are urging that suicide awareness continue.

Miles Riley with Community Mental Healthcare says if your child mentions suicide, don’t shrug it off.

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Ninja Mom

A sleeping baby is a beautiful thing. Just watching as the tiny human you created lies there completely happy, satisfied and sleeping peacefully.

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Codeine Can Be Deadly for Kids

Codeine is often found in headache, cough and even allergy medications, but it can be deadly. The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a recommendation this week urging doctors and parents to stop giving codeine to kids.

Officials say despite growing evidence of life-threatening reactions to the drug, it is still often prescribed to children.

Cleveland Clinic Children’s Doctor, Amy Sniderman says codeine is a strong drug that is often unpredictable.


The narcotic has been continuously used for decades in prescriptions to children for cough treatment and even for pain relief for surgeries such as when they get their tonsils removed.

Doctor Sniderman says kids can experience slowed breathing rates or even death after taking the standard dose. Some also suggest a lack of consistency from child-to-child on how their bodies break down the drug.

Doctor Sniderman suggests doctors work to decrease a child’s pain without the unpredictable and potentially deadly risks that come with using codeine.

The full AAP recommendation can be found in the Journal Pediatrics.



Doctor Offers Inexpensive EpiPen Alternative.

Coupon, cost, and price-hike. The top three Google searches that follow when you search EpiPen. This is due to the controversy surrounding the recent price change for an EpiPen two-pack.

It now costs $608 dollars for the life-saving allergy medication, a 500% cost increase since 2007.

The CEO of Mylan Inc., Heather Bresch went before the House Oversight Government Reform Committee on Wednesday. Her company makes the EpiPen.

Throughout the hearing she contended the price increase was justified. She added that Mylan Inc. only makes a profit of $100 per $608 pack.

Regardless of the reason for the price-hike and which side you’re on, the fact is many families simply cannot afford it. This means many adults and children will be forced to forego a pocket sized life saver.

So, what if you could get the exact same medication for a fraction of the cost?

Just that will soon be a reality thanks to Dr. Barry Gordon:



WARNING: Are You Aware of the Hidden Car Seat Dangers? 

AAA is warning parents of a serious car seat danger: They expire!

Kimberly Schwind with the agency says after an average of 6 years the car seat is no longer safe.

So, how can you be absolutely sure your child is safe?

Schwind says the expiration date should be listed on a label on the seat. But, it’s also a good idea to get your car seat checked by a professional just to be sure the seat is safe and installed correctly.

AAA offers checks as well as your local Job and Family Services Agency.

An Addict’s Mother: “She’s Alive, but She Isn’t In There…”

The heroin epidemic continues to run rampant within communities across the nation. It doesn’t discriminate and it shoots to kill.

But, for many the risk of jail or death isn’t enough to drop the habit. This is why the body count continues to rise.

However; there may be another option for long-time users: permanent memory loss.

Debbie Berkley’s daughter has been struggling with a heroin addiction for years. She recently was released from prison after serving 18 months and within two days was back in her old lifestyle.

Berkley’s daughter, Lisa, had experienced a rare growth on a valve in her heart. It broke off and traveled to her brain. This is rare only because most addicts overdose and die before this vegetation can grow.

She says her daughter may be breathing, but she’s gone.

Berkley leaves mothers faced with similar situations this advice:

For those in the Northeast, Ohio area struggling with addiction or an addicted loved one, reach out to the Stark County Mental Health and Recovery Board or Quest Recovery and Prevention Services for more information on how to get help.


Little Girl’s Dream Brings Hope to an Ohio Police Department

A 6 year old girl’s dream is instilling hope in those wearing a badge. Caityln has been a friend of the Massillon, Ohio Police Department for a couple of years now. With a dream to one day join the force, the little girl reminds the department each time she visits that they are making a positive impact.

Sgt. Brian Muntean joined another officer in fulfilling the little girl’s birthday wish, which was to have real-life officers at her 6th birthday party. And this past weekend Officer Caityln got just that.

The little girl didn’t sport a princess dress and a crown, but rather a police uniform complete with a badge. She also, was apparently on duty.

Muntean says it is inspiring to see someone so young with a dream to make a positive difference by way of becoming a police officer.

Happy Birthday Officer Caitlyn!



(Caitlyn’s birthday present from the Massillon, Ohio Police Department)

Police Post Picture: Man, Woman Overdose on Heroin with 4-Year Old in the Backseat!

An Ohio Police Department is getting a lot of attention after posting a picture that depicts the reality of the state’s heroin epidemic.

East Liverpool Police Chief, John Lance, says people need to see that this problem goes much deeper than the needle in the addict’s arm.


(The grandmother, who has custody of the child, and a man of no relation to the child, passed out due to a heroin overdose while driving along a busy road in East Liverpool, Ohio. Also, a school bus was stopped to board children right in front of them)

Chief Lance says unfortunately the leaders in this country aren’t even talking about it.

The department posted the picture to the city’s Facebook page. It has received both positive and negative feedback, but Chief Lance says they have no regrets.

The child was reportedly released to the care of another relative.

Princess Dad

Climbing into bed, finding that perfect position that carries your worries and stresses away into dreamland as you drift fast asleep…something that seems like only a memory once you’re a parent. At least…for a nursing mom anyway.

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To Immunize or Not to Immunize!

Immunizations: are you putting your child in MORE danger or protecting them AGAINST it? Now that kids are back in the classroom the focus is once again on immunizations. Some argue the benefits don’t outweigh the risks and therefore we are seeing more and more parents opting out of vaccinations.

Amanda Cohn is a Pediatrician with the Center for Disease Control and she focuses primarily on immunizations. As a mother herself, she says if there’s a way to prevent her children from getting sick…it’s the obvious choice.

Cohn adds that there seems to be a common misconception when parents opting out of vaccines  believe the decision only affects their child.

Cohn says that although a hot topic right now, only about 1% of the population in the United States that is unvaccinated. She recommends that parents do some research and talk to their child’s pediatrician before making the decision not to vaccinate.

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