Momfession: ‘The Walk of Shame’

The infamous ‘walk of shame’ is one we all have our own ideas about. But, once you become a parent it changes ever so slightly.

Many are aware of the most common definition that refers to an often late, regretful night that many times includes alcohol and getting a little too close to someone inappropriate.

However; this college-day phrase also seems fitting for life as a mom.

All moms and parents in general out there are likely able to vouch that the work NEVER ends. There is no such thing as a night off or a moment of relaxation unless you’ve shipped LO off to an unsuspecting relative or friend for the night.

Otherwise, even that time when baby is peacefully enjoying time in dream-land, you’re either: cleaning, studying, showering, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, paying bills, walking the dogs…or cleaning. (did I mention that?)

And when the time comes to tuck your sweetie into his/her bed at the end of the night, you may plan to catch up on the latest episode of your favorite series (or at least the latest for you because odds are you’re really far behind), enjoy a book, or just sit-empty minded for a while scrolling through social media…but you usually make it less than an hour before joining that small human in the dreamy clouds.

However; a freak occurrence makes waves in your life every so often. Tiny person drifts away without any fight and curls up sweetly in that little bed right on time or…even EARLY!

Believe it or not, it DOES happen. So…when it does you may be ready to take on the world! You’re going to spend some quality time with your significant other, create a new Pinterst board for birthday planning, watch an episode in that series you’re really behind on or finally finish that chapter you’ve been working on for the last week.

Whatever it is you decide to do you become infected with a sense of “I have forever.” But you don’t. Time will fly faster than a speeding bullet and before you know it it’s 11:00 p.m. and you either have to be up early for work or up early with baby.

And so be it. The next morning that alarm clock or alarm-human sounds at the crack of dawn and you must drag your exhausted, zombie-like self from your warm cozy bed.

You’re lucky to get one slipper or sock on straight before you fight through blurred vision, to stumble towards the sound piercing your ears.

The guilt and regret begin to ache in your tired bones all while you try to look as alert and shame-free as possible.

A nap may sound like a sensible goal for later in the day…but to all us moms it’s only a beautiful fairytale.

And there you have….the mom-version of ‘The Walk of Shame.”




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