Do you have a preteen or teenager? Are you wondering if vaccinations, specifically HPV vaccines, are safe for your child?

If so, the Centers for Disease Control nd Prevention is offering another #PreTeenVaxScene webinar to share information about vaccines, what they do and if they are safe!

Officials specifically spend a lot of time discussing the HPV Vaccine. They note the large amount of uncertainty found in parents when it comes to whether or not to get their child vaccinated.

In a recent #PreTeenVaxScene webinar, officials noted that when looking at today’s population of girls, ages 12 and younger will experience 53,000 ┬ácervical cancer cases. CDC experts note those cases could be prevented with the HPV vaccine.

The latest webinar is set to take place Monday, May 8th from 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm ET.

You can also find past webinars via YouTube.

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