Meet Kandi, a Newsymom.com Writer

Do not put me on speaker phone & do not read my blogs out loud…especially if there are children around, I cannot be trusted…

Kandi and DaugterI love to cuss, like fucking love it, however with a two year old by my side 24/7, my potty mouth has to be tamed…at least when she’s around. 

My name is Kandi, and now you know I swear like a sailor. I’m an extremely passionate individual and I love to write about my wonderful, funny, dysfunctional, crazy life. I am a stay at home mother, as I stated above to an extremely bossy, charismatic, hysterical, sweet, kind, loving two year old princess. I share my mothering duties with my wife Katie and cannot imagine this life without her by my side. I am excited to start this adventure & for someone else besides Katie to have to read my shit, I mean my AMAZING stories. Peace out peeps, hope you enjoy them.


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