Month: June 2017

Step Parenting = Boundaries

Now that this world is full of step, half, kin, foster, adoptive and whatever other labels are being stuck in families these days. I’ll throw in my two cents with a dash of experience.

Now I know my A.B.C’s

Adopting children through the foster care system has been a roller coaster ride of “first experiences.”

Five things I’ve learned being a SAHM

Shit gets weird some days…

Effort Strengthens to Hold Maker of EpiPen Responsible

Five Ohio public employees and Ohio taxpayers for Lower Drug Prices are urging top pension officials in the state to join the revolt against Mylan Inc.

National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day is the first Sunday in June every year. Did you know? Me either…


A statewide Amber Alert has been issued by the Newark Police Department. 

Time is Running Out to Enter or Sponsor!!

The weekend after Labor Day, com will sponsor the Midvale Miners Festival Baby Contest!  It’s sure to be a great time and prizes offer a lifetime of memories! Please send us an email and express your interest in entering. You’ll be given a few SIMPLE instructions on how to do so! ( or So …

Time is Running Out to Enter or Sponsor!! Read More »

Polar Express Tickets Now on Sale!!!

Tickets for a magical experience are now on sale at the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum. 

Ohio Senator Pushes Budget Amendments to Benefit Children

Senator urges amendments that focus on education and mentorship programs, nutrition human trafficking and more.

Child Well-Being Continues to Improve in Ohio

Ohio is one of the top states in the country for kids to be.

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