Monthly Archives: February 2018

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

10312838_10100850986678066_6099162625024447198_nThis cliché depicts the moments that are difficult in our lives and the bright moments that are to follow. This past weekend our family traveled to Mississippi for the homegoing celebration of my husband’s lovely grandmother. She was a sweet woman that lived life and left love to her family for them cherish. As we traveled home I thought deeply about the silver linings of clouds that get overshadowed by the moments of life that are difficult.

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National School Counseling Week: Helping Students Reach for the Stars

This week the nation recognizes school counselors and the unique contribution they bring to U.S. school systems.

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MC Warrior Project: Defeating Trauma and Building an Army

Inspired by what can only be described as a nightmare, a young man bravely fought for his life one summer’s afternoon.

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