8 Tips to Make You a Great Mother

We’ve all been there…”Am I doing this right?” “Am I doing my best?”

  • Don’t be your own worst critic. Never compare yourself to other moms who you may feel “have it all figured out.” No two moms are alike, and everyone has their own way of making life work!
  • Your best is best. If you’re putting your best into everything you do, and it comes from the heart and love of your child, you’re doing great! Even on days when you need a little ‘mom-time’ or you don’t feel like you’re coming up short…your best is always enough.
  • Talk to your kids as often as possible. Even the littlest ones. Ask how they are doing, tell them about how you’re making dinner or keeping the house clean. Even when you reach the time when you’re saying all the words and they’re doing all the eye-rolling…as long as you’re communicating with them you’re making a life-long, POSITIVE impact.
  • Allow your kids to experience failure. We all make mistakes and sometimes the best lessons are learned from those mistakes. You will feel like you want to or have to fix all your child’s mistakes, but sometimes it’s best to let them learn on their own.
  • Never act in anger. Let’s face it…no matter the age or cuteness-level of your child there will be times when steam rushes from your ears. But cool it. Take a breath and even walk away for ten minutes before you decide how you will react to whatever situation your small human has created.
  • See it through your child’s eyes. Think for a moment about how your child isn’t going to remember the dishes you left in the sink…but he/she WILL remember that afternoon you spent all day playing in the sandbox or drawing and coloring together.
  • Take care of yourself. As a mom, we tend to take care of everyone else. But, don’t forget that even the strongest bull still needs to take time to eat grass. Giving yourself a little time to relax, EAT, or do your hair is good for you and that means it’s good for your family too.
  • Give your kids one-on-one time. It’s important that if you have more than one child every child gets a little one-on-one time with you. Even when they don’t let you see it…they really do care about building a personal relationship between just you and them.

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