Poop 💩 literally poop is what my life is revolving around!!!!

As a mom don’t you have that gut feeling that there is a video camera on you and someone is going to jump out and yell “PUNK’D”?
As most 4-month-old babies do Myla has been having a few poop explosions, well a few days ago she had an explosion so I took her back to her room to change her and redress her for the day. As I return to the living room I looked at Kaysen to realize she had something in her hands.

Kaysen 1As I got closer, my eyes began to bulge out of my head when I realized that she had put her hands down her diaper after pooping and thought she would become Picasso and draw on her outfit with the poop. I don’t think I’ve ever put Myla down so fast. I picked her up and literally put her in the bathtub, clothes and all. So, after a 30-minute bath and clothes scrubbing session we were good for the day and ventured on.

Just when I thought that was going to be the funny poop story…..
The following day I put Myla down for a nap. Kaysen and I played in her room for a few minutes. I decided to go out to the kitchen and sweep the floor until my grandparents got there. My grandma walked in the door and we hollered for Kaysen but she did not come so we started back the hallway to look for her.. we found with poop up to her elbows. Once again we ended up in the bathtub clothes and all.

The problem was this time the diaper was missing. So while Kaysen played in the bathtub (literally dumped an entire large cup of water all over the rug and the floor) I went searching for the poop and the diaper. I knew I could smell it in her bedroom but literally couldn’t find any poop, I was on my hands and knees searching. I decided to go back to the bathroom and finish her bath.

Kaysen 2While cleaning up the water I realized that my grandpa chased her into her bedroom so I started hollering I haven’t found the poop yet. My grandpa’s response was oops too late and brought her back into the bathroom with poop covered hands. At this point… What’s a little bit more poop to clean up right? So I asked my grandpa where the poop was and he said he doesn’t know she went straight into the room and got up on the bed and he took her off.

I entered the room thinking the poop is hidden in her bed… well I was wrong! My child seriously disguised her poop as a tree branch.

As I am still waiting for someone to say “PUNK’D” …I sit and smile. I know one day I will miss these poop stories and want them to be this age again… But this poop stage can pass any time now! (We have been cutting the feet out of PJs and putting them backward lol)

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<3 Hannah

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