Month: June 2018

The Wilderness Center Announces Fundraiser

The Wilderness Center announces its first farm-to-table dinner and fundraiser, Forest, Farm & Fork.

I Love You Anyway

As I sat and listened to two people I have admired all my life talk about their newest and gravest challenge, I looked around, took a sip of my pinot and a jagged breath in,  exhaling, “Marriage is hard.”
They briefly looked at each other and then at me and my uncle bestowed his wisest advice yet, “Nik, someone once told me that there are three magic words for a strong marriage: I love you. I learned that there are actually four: I love you anyway.”

Parent’s Rights Bill Controversy Continues

A bill sponsored by a Republican Ohio Representative proposes strengthening the rights of a parent with transgender children.

Teen-Driver Involved Crashes Kill 10 People a Day During 100 Deadliest Days

As school lets out for summer, AAA is stressing the importance of preparing and educating inexperienced teen drivers for some of the most dangerous driving days of the year.

Local Community Establishes Curfew for Minors

A Tuscarawas County community is now requiring anyone under the age of 18 to obey a new curfew.

Dad Arrested After Throwing Son’s Cell Phone

According to police reports, a Uniontown man is facing charges after an altercation with his 12-year-old son.

Families Gather in D.C. for Kids Family Advocacy Day

Child patients and their families are expected to join children’s hospitals from across the country in Washington, D.C. today for Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day.

Library Hosts Workshop to Help Parents Bond with Their Children

A library in Tuscarawas County is inviting parents to a special event designed to shed light on new ways parents can bond with their ids.

Expectant Parents Encouraged to Visit Pediatrician Before Birth of Baby

The American Academy of Pediatrics is announcing a new recommendation for expecting moms.

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