Be A Better Me Foundation

You may be asking, what exactly is the Be A Better Me Foundation?

A879AC3B-99AD-4055-9FF3-D927F42D47FDHello! I am Officer LaMar Sharpe, President of Be A Better Me Foundation and a 17 year veteran with City of Canton Police Department. I am super excited that the Be A Better Me Foundation (BABM), is partnering with Newsymom to share some informative information with all of you.

BABM is a non-profit organization that my wife (Deidra Sharpe) and I, started in 2016, to help Empower and Encourage the youth in our community through mentoring and positive reinforcement. At BABM, we host various fun/free events for our youth, as well as provide book bags with school supplies, Easter Egg Hunts, winter coats, winter boots, Christmas toys, feeding families in need of a hot meal, and scholarships for students attending college. Our foundation strongly believes in strengthening family bonding through free events for the entire family.

We have recently opened our new mentoring facility at 525 Market Ave N. in Canton and we are super excited about all of the youth we can help throughout Stark County. We will continue to mentor our young men (Young Boys To Young Men Mentoring Academy), and we will also start mentoring for our young ladies (Young Girls To Young Women Mentoring Academy) this fall.

Other services we will provide, will be tutoring, free counseling for students and families, as well as our meal outreach for those in need of a hot meal.

Through our partnership with Newsymom, each month, I will talk about many different topics along the lines of safety, and any other topics that any of the Newsymom readers would like to discuss. If you ever have a topic that you would like me to address, feel free to send me an email at any time and I will be more than happy to discuss your topic in the next month’s article.

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