10 Tips for Single Moms

Yes, yes….. That is my 3-year-old daughter yelling,  screaming and throwing a fit while I’m trying to check out at the store.  She wants to get down and do anything but stand beside mommy.  All while I’m sweating and listening to the lady behind me mumble and just thinking if you can do a better job then by all means.

Now, this is not something that happens every time but I just thought that someone might want to know how ai get through those moments.

So,  here are my ten tips for single moms:

One: Support/ Lean on others

I call this my village❤ Very thankful that I have a solid sitter and in a time of need my mother,  friends & her big sisters step in.

Two: Remember that there are only so many hours in a day

Sometimes the housework,  laundry or social media can wait.  They are only little for a short amount of time.

Three: Have a routine

Routine helps them to know what is coming next.  For example,  when mom pick a me up after work.  We go home,  have dinner,  relax and then bedtime.

Four: Don’t feel guilty

Remember that you are only one person and you may not be able to make it to everything.

Five: Take care of YOURSELF

Keep yourself healthy, a child needs a healthy momma.  Making sure to get checkups,  sleep and even alone time.

Six: It’s ok to cry

Unfortunately, I have cried in front of my child.  There has been happy tears and sad tears.  And when they cry,  to try and comfort them.

Seven: Stay positive

I make sure that I remind myself that some things could be worse and to remain positive and to use positive re-enforcement with the little.

Eight: Make memories

Even the smallest thing for the child is a memory.  Ice cream,  going to the park,  library and even just a picnic in the park.  Just being together and learning new things.

Nine: Be consistent with discipline

I will admit that this one can be hard due to being tired and overwhelmed at times.  But definitely be consistent.  I have learned that it may not work the first time but try and try again.

TEN: I thank God EVERY day

Without God, I would not be able to make it through half of what I make it through and I am thankful and blessed.

I know that these things may not work for everyone because they most definitely don’t work for me every day. Lol

But remember to never give up and to remember that you are not alone.





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