Cursive Handwriting May Soon be Back in Ohio Schools

(Ohio) – Following a state Senate vote last week, a new bill is encouraging cursive writing to be taught in classrooms.

House Bill 58 would require the Ohio Department of Education to include instructional materials to assist the development of handwriting in the classroom and help students print legibly by grade three and also write in cursive legibly by the end of grade five. While in an earlier version of the bill cursive was a requirement, the current version notes it as an option for school systems.

Cursive was removed from the state curriculum around five or six years ago when the push began to adopt the national Common Core curriculum. Since that time, reports indicate states have started to re-introduce cursive into their curricula. In 2016, for example, Louisiana and Alabama started to mandate cursive writing, joining 12 other states that mandate it.

With the continued societal shift towards a more digital world, a handwritten signature has started to lessen in importance. Big name companies such as Target and Walmart have even stopped requiring signatures for credit card purchases beginning this year. So, as one would assume, younger people are often less experienced with signing their own name.

The current Common Core curriculum has a heightened focus on technological literacy over handwriting as computers continue to take precedence in modern education.

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