‘Heartbeat Bill’ Heads to Governor’s Desk

(Ohio) – The controversial ‘heartbeat bill’ is now on it’s way to Governor John Kasich’s desk.

On Wednesday the Senate passed the bill with a vote of 18-13 and overnight on Thursday the bill made its way through the house with a vote of 53 to 32 to agree with the Senate’s amendments.

One amendment included in the bill notes doctors could lose their medical license before they are convicted of medical charges. Another amendment removes the transvaginal ultrasound requirement to detect a heartbeat. Officials indicate while that is the most effective way to detect a heartbeat, there are alternatives to do so.

The bill is now on it’s way to Governor Kasich’s desk for either final approval or a veto.

He has until Christmas Eve to veto the bill. At the same time, the Governor is also expected to decide whether or not to sign a bill that would ban dilation and evacuation abortions known as D and C.

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