Ohio’s new Governor says investment in at-risk kids is a moral obligation

(Ohio) – Ohio Gov. -elect Mike DeWine is making it clear where he stands on helping at-risk kids.

DeWine recently appointed LeeAnne Cornyn to his cabinet. She will direct children’s initiatives for the incoming administration. In a recent article published by the Daily Dayton News, DeWine was asked why he sees issues involving children as a top focus rather than job creation or public safety. DeWine reportedly noted all those issues are related.

DeWine indicated many of the problems that society is facing today can be linked to people not getting a good enough start in life. According to the newspaper, DeWine has called helping vulnerable children a central role in government.



DeWine has listed five major early-childhood program goals: improving access and quality of early childhood education, increasing home visits for at-risk mothers, access to a mental health professional in every school, reforming the foster care system and adding age-appropriate drug prevention education in schools. Additionally, DeWine has indicated a proposal to make 20,000 more children eligible for publicly funded child care by raising the income limit to enroll.

DeWine has acknowledged his goals are ambitious, but “doable.”

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