Mommin’ Aint Easy…

I’m new to this whole mom life thing and it’s hard.

They tell you “breast is best”. We are told from the beginning what’s best for our baby before we even know ourselves.

Knowing what’s best for your baby isn’t something you can study and be prepared for when they arrive, it’s learning along the way. It’s crying when no one is looking because you feel you are failing as a mother. It’s the painful stages of breastfeeding. It’s the Mastitis that creeps up on you and causes the whole plan you thought you had, change right before your eyes. It’s the moments of pure joy and happiness you get when you look down at that precious baby looking back at you with nothing but love and smiles. They know YOU are their Mommy. It’s the long nights of no sleep and feedings. The long days of fussiness that won’t end. Your days and nights flow together losing site of what your purpose is sometimes. It’s the piled up dishes in the sink, and a messy house filled with clutter everywhere you look, thinking this is your life now…

You question if you’re making the right decision on things for your child. People judge you, they tell you what to do and how to raise your child. You have bills after bills, appointments after appointments, an overflow of diaper changes, and somehow YOU are strong enough to conquer all of that for YOUR child. The love. The hate. The jealousy. The backlash. YOU are strong enough. YOU know what is best for YOUR child and never let anyone tell you differently.

That child is the love of your life. You learn as you go. That’s the adventure in all of this!

Mom life is hard, but it was never said to be impossible.

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