“Happy Hour”

Drink during it. Sit during it. Read a book during it. Do you, Mama!

The hour after you put your child to bed. Where you can just sit back and eat those cookies you know you shouldn’t. Drink that wine you’ve been saving for “one of those days”. Turn on a late night show or just keep your eyes locked on your phone while scrolling through social media.

It’s the one hour where the house is quiet.
The husband fell asleep early due to work in the morning, the dog has settled down for the night, and your sweet baby has finally given into sleep. You get that short moment of relief and peace to yourself. You’ve conquered another day once again. You put food in bellies, possibly started the dishwasher you’ve been forgetting about, you got around to finally folding the wadded up pile of clothes sitting in your laundry room, but the love in your home grows stronger and stronger each day no matter the list of chores.

When everyone is settled down for the night, it’s just you and silence. Sleep is what “should” be your priority, because you know you’ll regret staying up in the morning… “Sleep while the baby sleeps”. (Cue eye roll…)Lets call that a myth!

The thing is, life is so hectic being a stay at home mom, or a working mom, it’s nice to have that one single hour to remember who you are everyday.

You look back on your day regretting things you said or did, maybe even lack there of. You stress over looking around at a house that’s never clean, but then you remember the reason why it’s not and the stress fades away. Being a mother changes you. It’s the little things that mean the most. Kind of like this “Happy Hour”. It’s there for you to collect your thoughts, reflect on your day, praise God, and think of what you can do tomorrow to be a better wife, mother and daughter.

So take a hour to yourself a each day, the “Happy Hour” we’ll call it. Whether that’s a bottle of wine for one, a time for reflecting on your day, or heck doing both at the same time.

It’s your “Happy Hour”…

Well, that lasted literally a hour…
Baby is up!


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