Wake Up..

So I almost made this my Monday morning Facebook status. “Nothing wakes you up on Monday like brushing your teeth with the kids’ toothpaste!”

This morning I pulled myself out of bed and dreaded my morning routine. In an effort to help wake me up I decided to brush my teeth before we started to get the kids ready. But I was too busy looking in the mirror thinking “man I look tired” lol that I picked up the wrong tube of toothpaste and got that first good scrub with the brush that I realized- THIS IS DISGUSTING! What kind of mom am I! if you have never tried kids’ toothpaste and I mean brushed your teeth with it- it’s horrible lol

As I went about my routine I realized something that we get wake up calls in life. As moms it’s import to understand yourself enough to know that when you make a good decision but you may always get the results you want. I’m not just talking about toothpaste either lol

If you are amid a normal routine with your life and you are dreading it, THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL! Yes I am yelling with capital letters. It is so necessary to shake the complacency and wake yourself up again. As moms we can get comfortable and we can get complacent.

Maybe you once dreamed about something, started to write or you desired something , not for the kids-not for your significant other but for you. This is your terrible toothpaste wake up call! Shake yourself from this mundane routine and go after it again. For me it was doing this very thing- writing. I had lost sight after the kids of my passion it became overshadowed with diapers, homework, dinners, laundry and income. I had a wake up call one day that made me realize. If I don’t do something for me, I am going to die in this routine. I am going to loss it with all my responsibilities.

So wake up! Whatever you’re doing now, you have the time to wake up and go after something for you. And not something tangible i.e clothes, hair, nails etc lol but wake up and go after something that fulfills you because a mother unfulfilled-is a lifeless and you kids desire to have a mother who is fulfilled and full of life!!!!

be best mommas- May you wake up this week and get back to a path of passion. One step at a time.


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