Health Department Receives Funding from Ohio EPA for Home Septic Systems

Homeowners in Tuscarawas County can repair or replace septic systems with funding from Ohio EPA, who awarded a $150,000 loan to the County in January 2019.

This loan is principal forgiveness and does not require repayment.

This program initiative will improve the quality of life for low-income residents by repairing or replacing failing home sewage treatment systems at an affordable cost. In addition to addressing potential health concerns, local water quality will benefit from the improvements.  Funding can also be used to assist homeowners that need to connect to an existing sanitary sewer and properly abandon their STS.

Who is eligible?

The following criteria must be met:

–          The gross household income must meet the program criteria

2018 U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services Poverty Guidelines for Households Persons in Family/Household

Persons in Family/Household 100% Poverty Guideline

(100% assistance)

100%-200% Poverty Guidelines

(85% assistance)

200%-300% Poverty Guideline

(50% assistance)

1-4 $25,100 $50,200 $75,300
5 $29,420 $58,840 $88,260
6 $33,740 $67,480 $101,220
7 $38,060 $76,120 $114,180
8 $42,380 $84,760 $127,140

For families with more than 8 persons, add $4,320 for each person

–          The sewage system must be failing and verified by TCHD

–          The applicant must be the homeowner

–          Property taxes must be current

–          Rental property, new-build homes and homes advertised for sale are not eligible

How homeowners will be selected:

–          Applications will be selected based on the financial need and the severity of the sewage system failure

–          The severity of the failure will be the primary factor followed by financial need

–          The order of the receipt of the applications will be considered as a final factor


Once final program material is approved by the Ohio EPA the Tuscarawas County Health Department will begin accepting program applications from homeowners and job bids from local contractors.  For more information visit:

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