A Message to Hurting Moms

Maybe you’re hurting from choices that your child is making that have been very devastating to your heart.

In my first official video here on Newsymom.com I want to send a message to every mom out there who is struggling because of the decisions of your child. There is a group of women who have experienced similar to yours and we are helping each other heal. I am excited to share with Newsymom readers the powerful messages that come from those meetings and to invite you to be a part of our family.

7 thoughts on “A Message to Hurting Moms”

  1. AWSOME N AMEN CrYSTAL! U Are an inspiration! Too everyone out there hurting ; Iknow the first step into a hm group is the hardest . Once u do u won’t regret it! It makes u realize u r not alone in the world ! These people make u feel loved n important n GOD is in the midst also which makes it even better! Be good too YOU n sign up today n take the first step of getting too know the real u n the inner peace n love u will find within these wonderful hm groups! Don’t miss out u deserve it! 🙏❤️🙌😀 Blessings n Love too All!

    1. Thanks, Chris my desire to help mom’s through there healing journey far to often we get stuck and live it over and over. We offer HOPE and healing.

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