I Hope…

Natalie… I know your big sister has figured it out by now, but you should know, too, that I’m not the most conventional mom.

But I hope that I teach you how to play.

I hope that I teach you how to create, to appreciate art and life, to never stop dreaming.

I hope that I teach you how to be sassy and independent, and I hope that — while you are beautiful and I hope you know it— that I’ll have taught you to measure your worth by more than just your looks.

I hope you love as fiercely as your mama, but not so blindly.

I hope that I have raised you up confidently and capable enough that you to keep people in your life because you want them, and not because you think you need them and wouldn’t make it without them.

But I also hope that I raise you to value your tribe and to know that they can be a strength, and when to reach out to them, and to nourish them and they will do the same for you. Even your strongest friends need to be looked after. We all do.

You’re probably not going to learn how to sew, and I’ve only got a few recipes to pass down to you. But all this and more, I hope I can instill in you. And I’ll be happy with that, I guess.


-Mom (Gabby)

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