Why Now I Need Low Maintenance Friends

Here I am, nearing the end of my twenties, married with three young children and working full time.

I am strapped for time. Most days, I don’t even know how I got from point A to point B. To say I am exhausted would be an understatement. I do not want that statement to be confused with my happiness.

I am possibly the most happy, exhausted Mama out there. My heart couldn’t be any more full.

Although I devote my life and nearly all of my time to my family, I still need my friends. But, not just any friends. I need friends who truly understand the dynamic of my day-to-day. I need low-maintenance friends.

They know to attempt to make plans weeks in advance.

This includes us going back and forth for days replying to each others texts on what will and wont work before a resolution is made. It will likely end in me sending a random text like “Margaritas in an hour? Please say yes!”

They know and understand that I just might have to cancel our plans 30 minutes before.

When you’re Mom, you cannot predict the future. As much as I want to do what we had planned, just know that a wrench can be thrown at me at any given time. I have no other choice but to dodge it and hope I can prevent any more from knocking my head off my shoulders.

They don’t expect a reply to their text right away.

In fact, they don’t expect one for days, maybe not at all. In my defense, some times I don’t even see a text because my ‘littles’ have gotten really good at just swiping them away to deter them from interrupting their YouTube Kids viewing.

They know that I’m still me underneath it all, but Mom is who I am now.

They never DON’T invite me because they assume I’ll decline. I’m still fun, I still enjoy laughing until my stomach hurts, but sometimes I have to pass. I promise, the invitation alone means so much to me!

Lastly, if they really wanna see me, they know where to find me.

They simply come to my house. They come to my house and do nothing; No expectations. They sit on my couch pretending to be able to hear the television over the crying of my toddler or the screaming of the mom voice I have perfected over the years. But, they don’t care.

These friends are rare gems. They understand us; they may or may not be mothers themselves, but they get it. They grasp that this is our life right now. It may be chaotic, loud and messy at times, but it is mine and they appreciate and accept it.

Cherish your low-maintenance friends, they are hard to find.

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