Momfession – For the People in the Back

When I was little I remember thinking about the president of the United States like royalty.

A prestigious job that only a few held that holds an honor that is unmatched and coveted. I can clearly remember learning about them, watching them on tv, listening to their speeches on one of the 19 channels we got and thinking, wow that’s the president speaking something important to our nation and we had better LISTEN up.

As I grew older and began to vote, I still believed all of these things just on a different realm. I can recall listening to Clinton, Bush and finally Obama at different times in my adulthood with my ears peaked LISTENING to what they were saying and taking it all in. When Obama got elected I cried, I cried tears of joyful hope, listening to his promises for LGBTQ and the human race.

Over the next 8 years, he fulfilled those promises, standing tall in front of his nation requesting that all people DESERVE to be treated equal and THAT is what we are going to do from now on. Then it happened. Life, as I had known it for 36 years, was changing. We elected a new president that had ZERO political backgrounds. We elected a president that in my eyes was a hateful misogynist. We elected him to “royalty” after hearing him talk about women’s p****s like they are for sale on the clearance aisle.

We did something that shocked other nations and stunned our liberal class. We hired the too good for all of you businessman who thinks that no matter what he does he will never have any consequences because thus far, he hasn’t. He takes to Twitter daily, sometimes hourly, to bash the media and anyone who has an opinion about him that he doesn’t like. His speeches resemble a C grade speech in one of my high school classes. He walks and talks with an arrogance that is so off-putting that he is losing his base faster than he lost the liberals. So for those of you that didn’t want to hear us, didn’t want to understand why we feel the way we do, this is why.

I no longer look at this position as royalty, I look at it like a joke, a sad, drawn-out joke that no-one gets the punchline to.


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