Stark County Couple Launches Clothes Hangers for Children

(Lexington Township, Ohio) – A Louisville-area couple is announcing a new production of clothes hangers designed specifically for small children.

James Smith and his wife, Sandra, are introducing the world to Monkey Hangup, a plastic clothes hanger for kids. The design includes a long, curved stem that reaches low enough where children age 3 to 6 should be able to hang jackets and coats without having to use a stole.

According to their website,, James and Sandra have been married for 30 years and raised 3 daughters. Jim is an Engineer and Sandy is a Marketing major. “During our early parenting days, we often discussed products we should invent for parents to make their frazzled lives more manageable. But we were too busy being frazzled ourselves to make things happen until after our girls were grown,” they explained.

So how did they come up with the idea for Monkey Hangups? “At a family reunion, Sandy’s great uncle (he’s 92 and a WWII vet) approached me and told Jim he’d heard a rumor he was an Engineer and wanted to discuss an idea wit me,” explained James. “He tried this idea – cruder version of our Monkey Hangups. We really liked the idea and quickly sat down and put our heads together and designed the product we are selling today.”

About Monkey Hangup Hangers

Being parents ourselves, we recognize that it is important that our product offers young parents the following:

  • Safety– Our hangers are designed and manufactured to be both strong and flexible.
    • Monkey Hangup Hangers are meant to be used by children and designed to take their abuse!
  • Teaching – We want children to learn as they use Monkey Hangup Hangers?
    • They like to imitate what adults do
    • Children need to succeed– so they need to have the right hanger to reach
    • Children are anxious to learn when they are young
  • Time Saver– only a parent can understand this valuable resource!
    • No remodeling needed – just open the box and start using
    • Your children can get and hang up their own clothes while you are busy with other chores or relaxing (I know, when do you have time to actually relax, right??)
    • Use different color hangers for different types of clothing  ie: blue for school, green for play
  • Responsibility
    • Keep Monkey Hangup Hangers at Grandparents’ homes, babysitters, etc. and you can beam with pride when they see how quickly and easily your child takes responsibility for their own coat!?

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