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Ohio BOE Recommends Approval of New Graduation Requirements

(Ohio) – On Tuesday the Ohio Board of Education announced recommendations to approve new graduation requirements that would give students options for earning diplomas beyond standardized tests.

The board voted 14 to 1 on Tuesday to endorse the plan. During public testimony this week, board members defended their position and moved passed concerns about some of the proposals that can go toward a high school diploma. Those options include the largely undefined ‘culminating student experience. Defenders argue this piece acts as a capstone project.

The proposal would require students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in five areas: English; math; technology; other academic areas; and leadership, reasoning, and social skills. This would be done through tests and other measures.

The board is also calling for an emphasis in career advising, work-based learning, and industry-recognized credentials as well as a protocol for identifying middle-school students who may be struggling. Members suggest the new requirements start with the graduating class of 2022.

A final decision is expected later his year by state lawmakers.

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