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Proposed Legislation Could Guide More Parents on How to Skip Vaccinations

(Ohio) – Ohio lawmakers are considering proposed legislation that would make it mandatory for school districts to tell parents how easy it is to opt out of vaccinations.

This law is under debate while other states are facing outbreaks of childhood diseases such as measles and mumps.

If passed, the law proposed in the Ohio House on Tuesday would require schools to clarify available exemptions when they notify parents of immunizations requirements. House Bill 132 is expected to be the latest headline between vocal anti-vaccine activists and public health advocates.

Current Ohio law allows parents to opt out of childhood vaccinations for medical reasons or ‘reasons of conscience.’

Opponents of the bill take ground on the idea of herd immunity, which refers to the idea that the more people in a community who are immunized, whether by vaccination or by natural immunity, the more protected the entire community is. They note this approach even protects babies who can’t be vaccinated yet, those with compromised immune systems and people with medical exemptions from vaccines.

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