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Hurting Moms

To the hurting mom who is suffering in silence.

Since finding the group, Hurting Moms, I’ve been able to heal from a trauma that was debilitating. My son made choices that left me feeling powerless and unable to deal at times.

Leading my third group now, I am growing right along with other mom’s as we encourage, listen and validate each other. If we take time to grieve heal we then can be an inspiration and bring hope to other hurting mothers. You are not alone.

Come be inspired by other moms in there healing journey. Go to and join our community. We are here for YOU.

1 thought on “Hurting Moms”

  1. AMEN Beautiful Lady! Ur such an inspiration too so many ! I thank GOD daily for running onto this group! It’s amazing with GODS help also how powerful this group is in your life! It def opened my eyes that I was never alone n my situation could always be worse! The first step of showing up is always the hardest! But it will be so worth it! I feel like I hav had big weights lifted off my shoulder ,so free of things that had me hurt so bad it was debilitating ! I also want too thank the founder of this group Cathy Taylor u have inspired me n so so many more by taking a big step too heal urself n healed many many more Also! Come join hm//mh group where u can be heard n loved n understood freely ! UR NOT ALONE! ❤️🙏

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