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There are times when the work day drags me down and I push myself super hard to get things at home situated before I mentally pass out and physically lay down. Can I just be real for a moment and say that lately I have wondered what kind of season I am in. Like the rollercoaster I’m on is dashing me through some high ups and some low-lows. Lol

Sometimes I wonder- do my kids think I’m awful, I am getting on my husband’s nerves (that’s a strong yes lol) but then like tonight when I couldn’t think of what I wanted to write about, my kids handed me the reminder I needed.

We’re cleaning the kitchen after dinner, Jael starts clearing the table and putting food in containers (on her own) then Joah begins to wipe the table down and sweep the floor. I turn to Sean and say “hey I’m going to put the little kids down, I need to post for Newsymom” Joah with cheer says “oh Yes can I be in that video too” lol he did a video with me last week for another Facebook group. I say “no baby, I’m writing tonight, and have no idea what I’m posting on”. His reply was the reminder I needed.

“You should post about how much we love you and how great you are. -Jael chimes in “yes that’s it you should say that mommy”. Just when I started questioning my season in life. My kids reminded me I’m succeeding and I don’t even know it.

Granted I have work and plenty of areas I am working hard in, BUT being their mom is so important to me and for me. I love them with ever fiber of my being and just to know that they are not phased by this rollercoaster I’m on-is a SUCCESS!

I say this because many times as moms we wonder if it’s all worth it, how will it all work together and what in the SAM HILL is happening in our lives. But just know that you’re succeeding and you don’t even know it, because you keep going and you keep giving out love.

Be blessed Mommas may God remind you this week that you are making it out of this season and the love you are giving out is far beyond compare to the season you are in.

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