When My Thoughts Wander….

StressIt’s no secret that as a mom you have 1,000 thousand at a time. “Did I cut the heat off?” “Do the kids have lunch money?” “Did wipe off their milk mustaches” “Did I put on deodorant?” “what is for dinner? And the list goes on.

However many times I’ve found myself drowned in my thoughts and lose sight of what’s at hand. What’s at hand you ask?

My own productivity and my ability to speak into my day. Many times (admittedly) my thoughts make me snappy or rushed. Leaving me feeling like I can never catch up. Today I had to allow my thoughts to be centered. You may not be a believer of God but I am so I asked God to help me. Help me center those areas that seem unhappy and snappy, and replace them good, focused thoughts so I could be productive.

I realize that motherhood ain’t getting NO easier. With each new year, there is a challenge. However challenges only defeat the one, who has already defeated himself. What I mean is you cannot be defeated by the things in your mind, if you make up your mind that will be productive and worry less. That’s easier said than done of course but in order for us to mothers who are functional and not in constant distress it is important to make up your mind daily. My thought (my mental to-do lists) do not control my day. I can and will accomplish things today and I will NOT worry about things that are left when the day is down.

Be blessed Mommas, take everyday as it comes and remind yourself NOT to be defeated!

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