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(Canton, Ohio) – Nestled in a downtown Canton neighborhood is a quaint brick house with tall white pillars that acts as a landmark for hope.

CommQuest Deliverance House is an adult female residential treatment program that serves women who need inpatient treatment for alcohol, benzodiazepine, cocaine, meth, opiate, or prescription drug addiction. A day inside the walls of the home feature individual and group counseling, educational presentations, vocational assistance, and guest speakers.

“We have music therapy, art therapy, we have a trauma group, we have a triggers and tools group, we have a surrender group,” explained Sheila Brown, Director of CommQuest Deliverance House.

Most of all, what you’ll find when you walk through the big white door is open arms. “I’ve never seen so much love in one place,” added Toni Montini, former Deliverance House resident and graduate of the program. “They loved me when I couldn’t love myself, and they loved my son.”

The Deliverance House is a historic example of the power of allowing mothers to live in the home and focus on recovery with their young children by their side to remind them of the ‘why.’ “If he couldn’t have come with me, I don’t think I would have come into treatment,” added Montini.

“We know, that if the family, especially women with children, little ones, if we can get that lady to come in and have her little one come with her it’s therapeutic in many ways for that mom,” explained Brown.

The leaders of CommQuest Deliverance House, work every single day to remind the women in treatment that only they have the power to turn their lives around and that they can do that starting today. “Hope is here and today my hope is one of the ladies will rock recover,” added Brown.

And Montini is proof that it can happen. “I’m excited about my future today. I feel like my future is bright,” she said.

Each woman who enters the doors of the Deliverance House finds a place to call home – a safe place to learn how to live without alcohol or other drugs and develop the skills needed to maintain recovery.

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Find hope in recovery at Deliverance House just these Toni.

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