Who Run the World… Moms.

Today is the day. It’s our Superbowl, moms!

The one day where we hopefully don’t have to make breakfast, touch a single sock of dirty laundry, go to the grocery store, and (fingers crossed) get to sleep in! Let’s be honest, some of us will do all of these things and more. There ain’t no rest for the wicked they say and I personally think the world would come crashing down if we all decided to take a vacation day today.

This day may sting a little more for others, however. Some people don’t have mothers in their life for one reason or another. So I’m going to attempt to thank every type of “mother” there is out there because I know not everyone is going to get that special card or flowers. If I forget any, please bring it to my attention. Not a single ‘mother’ figure should feel left out on this day!

To the mom’s and children who don’t have the best relationship with each other, life has a way.

To the mom’s and children who don’t have their mother here physically anymore, they never really leave us.

To the single moms. You are EVERYTHING.

To the special needs moms, no one knows strength like you.

To the dad’s who have been mom, for one circumstance or another.

To the step mom’s who are an added bonus in a child’s life.

To the mom’s who may have lost a child, you are still important in their life, even though they’re gone.

To the same-sex couple’s who may not get the gratitude they deserve.

To the grandparents, aunts/uncles, and additional family who are now moms.

To the adoptive mom, who gave and continues to give a special selfless love.

To the foster mom, who loves totally unconditionally.

To the working mom, who probably has to work today, you are a bad-ass.

To the stay at home mom, who is probably up with the kids at the break of dawn, you are a bad-ass.

To the soon to be mom, get ready for your life to never be the same.

To the struggling women who are having trouble conceiving, or never could, you are also a bad-ass, and everything has a time and place, nothing defines being a mom.

Life isn’t fair sometimes. It actually rarely is. Being a mom is hard, like really really hard. But it’s also the most rewarding, the happiest time of my life. It’s not for everyone. So also to the moms who decided motherhood wasn’t for them, so you got a dog, cat, fish, or whatever! You are still a mom! You are raising, nurturing, and responsible for a life!

So to all the different types of moms, please enjoy your day! I hope it consists of sitting on the couch with unwashed hair and sweatpants because that’s realistically what most of my day will consist of.

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