Local library announces new mothers’ room

(Dover, Ohio) – In Tuscarawas County, a library is gearing up to launch a new area of the facility made specifically for nursing mothers.

The Dover Public Library, which recently underwent major renovations, is announcing a new ‘Mothers’ Room’ will open this summer. “We wanted to be of more service to new moms, and be as supportive as possible of breastfeeding since we recognize its importance in an infant’s development,” explained Clair Candle, Youth Services Manager at the library. “With the addition of a well-stocked nursery, we can be a more welcoming place for the entire family.”

Candle explained that the nursey is funded by a grant from The Reeves Foundation, and supported by La Leche League of Tuscarawas County, and the Tuscarawas County Breastfeeding Coalition.

The room will include a nursing chair, changing table, end table with a phone charger, mini-fridge with bottled water or to store pumped milk until mom is ready to leave. There will also be puzzles, blocks, and books for siblings not old enough to be on their own in the department.

A shareable breast pump, with sterilized attachments, nursing shawls for use anywhere in the library, an afghan and other comfort items will also be available to moms visiting the library. Candle noted diapers, wipes and additional supplies will be there as well.

“It’s hard work caring for a new baby, especially if they have older siblings,” she said. “So, we wanted to create a quiet place in the department where a mom can tend her baby’s needs while keeping her older children entertained as well.”

Library officials are adding the final touches to the room with plans to open it to the public this summer. “Our hope is that moms will have less stress during library visits, knowing that we have this relaxing space available for changing, nursing, pumping, or just decompressing,” added Candle. “We want the library to feel like home, so the entire family can look forward to visiting us.”

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