Bill punishes schools for not reporting absences

(Ohio) – Senate Bill 157 would reduce the amount of time during which schools must notify families that their kids are not at school.

The time schools would have to do so would be 60 minutes. That’s down from the two hours currently required by law. The newly introduced bill in the Ohio Senate seeks to make the “Alianna Alert,” stronger for families. Additionally, the bill would sanction school districts when the law is not followed.

The bill is named after Alianna DeFreeze, a Cleveland teen who was murdered in 2017 on her way to school.

SB 157 represents the shorter period that was in the bill when the legislative committees discussed it last year. It also specifies that the Ohio Department of Education gets to decide what penalty school districts, schools or employees should receive should they not comply with the alert.

Discussions surrounding the approval of the bill continue. The public is encouraged to share their thoughts on the matter.


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