God is good and my coffee is still right

ME: Sammie, can you go get my mommy’s cup?

Samson: Your Coffee?

Me: (laughs a little bit) yes my coffee

Drives to Dunkin Donuts

Drive thru: Go ahead with your order please

ME: Hi can I have (Jael echoing in the background) a medium coffee cream and sugar

I chuckled a little bit because I do drink a lot of coffee, and clearly even my kids have noticed. But my morning is not right until I’ve had that 1st cup and my afternoons are boosted by my 2nd cup. Judge if you want but 2 cups or 3 is what I need to get these to-do lists done and not drag.

However the past few weekends have been a refreshing reminder that God is good, He is at work and my heart is full. I know it sounds cliche but God is good. Despite the ugly days when I’m overwhelmed and my life seems imbalanced, He’s still good. I woke one morning and walked around the house before everyone was awake, just to be brought to tears out of sheer love for this craziness I live in.

I don’t say craziness because it’s all bad or because the challenges are unbearable, I say crazy because nothing is always pristine (sometimes the dishes are still in the sink, shower is cleaned yet, there are toys all over the living room and the air is too cold in the house). But, in the midst of it all, I’m not only thankful but I realize more and more in the routines of my life that God is good. Not for the things He’s given me but for the goodness of His ways. I’ve taken a slight turn from the heaviness of motherhood, if I can use that term loosely-from looking at how much “I” have to do or who depends on “Me” for what and I have begun looking at what everything as goodness. Soooooo… if the dishes are still there, God is still good, if the kids have toys all over the living room, God is still good, if I didn’t cook a whole meal last night, God is still good, if I had a terrible day work and didn’t turn off my frustration when I got home, God is still good. You see where I’m going with this? We can all list 10 things that may not be going the way we want them BUT list 10 ways that God is still good. Try and see if you aren’t moved to tears with the thoughts that flood you as you list.

You may not have a religious preference nor agree with the beliefs I have, but what you can attest to is that there comes a point or moment in motherhood that you stand in awe of what you’ve overcome; the beauty of the children you’ve created and in love with how no matter the challenge you are still surviving. God is good and my coffee is still right (the perfect combo of cream and sugar)

Be blessed Mommas, may your list give you life and your coffee be right!

photo credit: Shellyn Leeper Photography

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