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(Canton, Ohio) – What would you do if you lost your home? If you and your family had nowhere to seek shelter, nowhere to sleep, nowhere to go?

This is something no one wants to experience, but some do. That’s exactly what happened for Jody LaRoche of Massillon, Ohio. She came home one day to find her things and her children’s things on the curb. She’d been evicted.

Thankfully, CommQuest Services works directly with the Homeless Hotline to meet families where they are and work with them to get them immediate shelter while preparing them to get back on their feet.

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“People should have the things that everyone has,” explained Amy Dornak, Program Manager with the Family Living Center in Massillon. “So, when people don’t have those things, it behooves us to help them get those things.”

Last fiscal year the Family Living Center served 234 people, 76 households, and offered more than 13,000 nights of shelter.

The bed capacity at the center is 34 people. “But, we have served way over that,” added Dornak. “On some days we have 50 people. We will serve the entire family. If a mom of six children comes in we will serve that mom and six children.” 

Families can stay at the shelter for up to 90 days. During their stay children have access to tutors, local recreation facilities and other activities, small groups, and more. The parents are given access to educational opportunities that focus on budgeting, avoiding homelessness, and other needs.

Approximately 70% of those who stay at the shelter are transitioned into housing by the 90-day mark at the shelter.

“Hope does happen here,” added LaRoche. “You have to want it inside of you, but it does and it will happen.”

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