Meet Tracie, Newsymom Author

We are so excited to introduce you to Tracie Griffin!

“I am so freakin’ excited to be part of this group! I love the energy, camaraderie, and support each of us shares with one another. I also think this group is a fantastic resource for every mom out there trying to raise healthy children, build careers, manage loving partnerships, and achieve their “best self”.

“I’m Tracie and the momma of two sons. Brody is 21 years old and embarking on early adulthood like a rock star! He’s establishing a career, falling in love with a great girl, and planning to venture out on his own very soon. I’m very proud of the person he is. Carter is almost 17 and will be Junior in high school this year.  His dry sense of humor and intelligence are off the charts! The stuff he says gives me a good belly laugh and there is nothing more therapeutic than that. Both of my boys are respectful, kindhearted, resilient, and capable….to me, that’s the definition of raising a child successfully.

_20180713_193746“In 2006 (while working full time and raising two boys), I completed my Master’s degree in Clinical counseling and became a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I spent 10 years specializing in working with children and teens who experienced trauma, loss, neglect, or abandonment; very intense work but very much needed. The intensity of the work was exhausting at times and after 10 years, I needed to do something different.

“I opened a private practice in 2016 to help smart, capable, hardworking women manage stress and anxiety naturally. As the practice evolved, I started to notice that most of my clients, despite having many successes and loads of responsibility, felt they weren’t “good enough”. So they worked harder, took on more responsibility, and put their own needs on the back burner which often intensified stress and anxiety. This resonated with me deeply because I realized I often felt the same way.

“That meant I needed to do some of my own inner work. “Walk the walk if you’re gonna talk the talk”. So I hired a Life Coach and worked with a Therapist. BEST DAMN DECISION EVER!!! I learned a lot about myself, shifted my thinking patterns, and came to believe that “I’m good enough, regardless”.  The difference between now and then is remarkable.

“Is life perfect? No. Is life going to be perfect someday? Also a no, but it is much more gratifying and less stressful.

“They say God, or the universe, or a higher power of your choice, will show you your calling. This is mine. I help women believe they are good enough, regardless.  They feel less stressed, roll with the punches, and learn to live their best life possible.

I absolutely love what I do and was thrilled to have the opportunity to join Newsy Moms! I am looking forward to this journey and grateful for the chance to impact other moms as they raise the next generation.”

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