Meet Amy, Newsymom Author

Another strong, fierce mama added to the Newsymom team!

Amy was born and raised in Canton, Ohio and wanted to bring the store she spent hours into her hometown for you. Working full-time, developing a side hustle and being a mom to two beautiful pre-teen and teenage children has her busy, but Toulou provides her the energy she needs working into the wee hours of the night after the children are settling in for bed.
AMy and kidsWorking primarily in the nonprofit sector for the last two decades, Amy has ventured into something different—Toulou Foundry & Goods is a premiere, unique jewelry store offering sterling silver, natural gemstone jewelry from around the world.  Amy has traveled far to procure the best and most talented artists to offer you genuine, quality, gorgeous I might add, jewelry.  Her passion for jewelry started at a young age making beaded necklaces and bracelets as a teenager. She would spend so much time at booths with sterling silver jewelry that her mother and friends would yell “Come on, Amy, its time to go”.
Check out her store online at and remember this is still a new, developing business and unfortunately not all her inventory is up online yet.  However, if you are a touch-and-feel sort of shopper, she offers private shopping and group parties in her private showroom as requested.  In addition, she is traveling all over North East Ohio this year to “flea” markets and festivals —Canton, of course, but also Cuyahoga Falls, Cleveland into Lakeside and beyond.  Check out the market schedule at the bottom of her home page.  The goal is a brick-and-mortar commingling this stunning jewelry with the same quality and trendy clothing, clean beauty and more.

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