Akron Children’s Hospital establishes Center for Gender Affirming Medicine

(Akron, Ohio) – Akron Children’s Hospital is now seeing patients in its new Center for Gender Affirming Medicine.

Part of the hospital’s Adolescent Medicine department, the center will offer care and a variety of services to transgender patients and LGBTQ+ youth. Patients will see a multidisciplinary team that includes gender-affirming medical providers as well as a social worker, nurse coordinator, mental health therapist and endocrinologist. The center will see patients age 7 and older.

Serving as the center’s medical director is Dr. Crystal Cole. She said the center will give Akron area adolescents and teens a closer alternative for care.

“We’ve always treated youths who identify as transgender,” Dr. Cole said. “By offering the care and support these patients need in a location close to home, we’re helping them to have a better quality of life.”

Dr. Cole said transgender youths are at higher risk of suicide and homelessness. Providing transgender patients with a supportive environment and medical care tailored to their needs is one way to help these youths during a crucial time in their physical and mental health development, she added.

Among the services provided will be the following:

  • Pubertal suppression
  • Gender-affirming hormones
  • Mental health care coordination
  • Well checks/preventative visits
  • Education
  • Supportive care for LGBTQ+ youth and their families

Appointments are offered in Adolescent Medicine, located in the Considine Professional Building, 215 W. Bowery St. For an appointment, call 330-543-8538.

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  1. How can a 7 year old know what gender they want to be when they don’t even have hormones yet!

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