Back to School

It’s about that time…. school time. I am not talking about my kids, I’m talking about for me. Any moms fearing the semester with children?

I am a College student, going for my social work degree. I have been so stressed about my schedule, how I will manage to be a mommy and trying to love my babies, while also acquiring my desired grades? I know I’m not the only woman in the world who feels this way. Here are some helpful tips for moms getting ready to go back or start school

1.) Make A Schedule!

It is crucial for me between tap dance, gymnastics, church, Newsymom’s events, work obligations, well you get the picture, I to have a set schedule. It’ll seem tiresome but keeping organized is key.

2.) Schedule Self Care!!

Make time for you to just sit down, take a bath, do nothing! This will help keep you from emotional overload due to all you’re obligations asked of you.

3.) Give yourself a quiet time and place to work!!!

I love my family and all, but when it comes to working, they can be very distracting to me. I go to my bedroom and lock the door every evening for about an hour. When I come out we play, I get there evening routine completed and then bed they go and back to studying and homework completion.

4.) You’re not a superhero

Acknowledge this is hard. Communicate with support systems, family, and friends the difficulties of what you’re doing and reach out for help, because people will help because you’re not alone! Statistics show, according to

” More than one in five college students—or 22 percent of all undergraduates—are parents, according to new analysis of data from the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study.[1] Of the 3.8 million students who are raising children while in college, roughly 2.7 million (or 70 percent) are mothers.”

I hope this can help you on your back to school journey!


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