Just be Happy

I am most definitely an optimistic person. Always looking at the brighter side of things, and finding a way to rise above anything standing in my way. Whether that’s through pure ambition or I’m actually a blind optimistic, who’s to say?

I went to a concert this week with some friends, and had an absolute blast. The next day my social media was blowing up with pictures from the concert and of course I was tagged by my friends in these pictures. I immediate shrank in my seat when I saw the photos. “I LOOK SO HUGE!!” I yelled at my husband. He looks at the pictures and says that ‘I look beautiful’ and bless his heart because I hear the sincerity in his voice, but I’m now in shock.

So the rest of the say is spent now in wallowing and self pity. Why do we do this? Why do we always have to compare our bodies to everyone else? I’ve had a baby, experienced traumatic loss, and all I could think was about all the people who are now talking to one another and saying, “Did you see that picture of Nicole? She’s gained so much weight!” And honestly… SO WHAT?

I keep reminding myself all day that it doesn’t matter. To hell with all the people who care about my demise rather than my happiness. I don’t look the same as I did in high school. That was 11 years and 30 pounds ago. There is no need to obsess over the photo’s still on my Facebook and Instagram from years past. Here is where I am, and I’m totally healthy and happy.

My friends are out there crushing their own personal goals of weight-loss, half marathons, and all together just trying to be the best versions of themselves and I’ll tell you that I’m a GREAT cheerleader friend.

Maybe one day I’ll be that one who’s at the gym everyday, and meal prepping. I’m very active going to the gym, and running 5k’s. but I am not going to walk around starving because I really like things like cupcakes, burgers, and beer. But I’m healthy, happy, and maybe a little chubby,  but try and stop me from smiling because blind optimism wins!

Time for some Taco Bell.

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  1. Love you ! Your so beautiful no matter what. I know the person you are and that what matters and that’s why matt is so sincere because it’s your heart we see in you ,on you, all over you!!!! Your amazing in every way. We do do this I think women more than anyone pick ourselves apart and let social media stab us to death on how things should be….. but we need to remember we need to be happy and as long as we are everyone and especially those around us will be happy as well. Happiness spreads happiness!

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