Sit with Each Other

Can we be honest here?  Being a mom is hard!  How many of us have such high expectations of ourselves that we do not share our worries and fears with others?

We see other moms who seem to “have it all together,” and we judge how we are doing based on what we see.  Social media does little to help this comparison.  We see the highlight reels of perfect lives, while we are cleaning crayon off of our walls and changing dirty diapers, and it is hard not to have that critical voice constantly looping in our heads.  I often chuckle that my life is a Pinterest fail because to some, it would be.  To me, it’s chaotic and real.

For years, I have been very particular about my social media because I am very truthful in what I share.  Whether I am struggling with something or feeling proud of my kids, I openly share those moments.  I guess I figure I censor myself by not friending everyone I have ever known.  I do not want people to feel bad when they read my life; in fact, I want them to see me and all that I am, and I hope that by seeing the real me, they are more comfortable being themselves.  I do not only have picture-perfect moments, but I also have real-life, down in the muck things, along with you.  I encourage you, too, to stand in your truth and be vulnerable (thank you, Brene Brown!) with those around you. You see, after years of riding the highs and lows of life, I have come to see that the closest people to me are those who have shared their deepest thoughts with me and heard mine –without judgment.  Isn’t that what we all want—to be seen and loved for who we truly are?  Isn’t that what we want for our kids?

When you lose a loved one, do you reach out when you are in pain?  When you are buried in work, the kids have trashed the house, and that is when your car decides not to start, do you tell someone you are overwhelmed?  When you are happy because of a promotion or because your son hit his first home run of the season, do you share this with others without worrying they will feel you are bragging?  Are you, YOU?  We are here to connect with each other and support each other.  I hope that my life experiences have not been in vain and that walking through difficult times, hurt, and pain will enable me to offer support to someone in a similar situation.  I hope another mom will reach out to me and say, “I am hurting.  Can you sit with me in this?”  Moms, we have so many life experiences, and we have so much to offer each other.  We often do not know how to help or what to say.  Why not just say that?  Reach out to a friend today and say, “I wanted you to know I am thinking of you.”  “ I hope you are doing well.”  “I’m sending prayers.”  “I miss you.”  Because not saying anything IS saying something.


By: Laurie Katusin


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