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How Did It All Go So Fast?

Once your children are grown and leave home, there is a period of time that seems awkward.

The silence of your home, the empty seat at the dinner table and how do you cook for two? Your children are the center of your life. From the time they are born, you begin the wonderful journey of motherhood.

When a child leaves home, the environment shifts. The house is quiet and mine was cleaner. However, the center is missing. The life you had come so accustomed to and enjoyed has changed.

It’s not an easy time for many mothers. I remember a few tears here and there and a longing for times past. How did it all go so fast? In those moments of the heart, the loss I was feeling was very real. When a grown child leaves home, the change seems more permanent and perhaps the physical parting triggers all those feelings.

So now what? Remember all those things you thought you wanted to do? Do them! The world is a big place and you are so much more than a mom. Plan that trip, take that class, and paint that room. You are the new center and you have so much to contribute. You are still a mom but you are so much more.

I promise you, there are more and more great times to come with you and your offspring! I know when my grown children come for dinner or come for the holidays that nesting instinct sets in again! The house is super cleaned by the super mom and all their favorite meals are prepared! And at my house, the carb cupboard is stocked!

Motherhood has a beginning but the journey of motherhood never ends. You will always be a mom!

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