Meet Sarah, Newsymom Author

We are excited to welcome Sarah Robbins to the Newsymom team. Sarah’s role with will allow us to expand our reach to Latino families in our community!

This is Sarah: People, Running, Jesus, and all things colorful.
I grew up in Perú, South America and identify as a Peruvian at heart. My husband served in the Navy for nine years and is now in the reserves.
I love words and friends; it’s so cool that Newsymom is a place to combine both! So, let’s be friends!
  • We have two kids ages two and one.
  • My favorite thing about being a mom is the unconditional love given and received.
  • My least favorite thing: the unwritten rule that I have to share my food, especially the ice cream!
  • My advice would be: God is perfect so we don’t have to be! Embrace the chaos. It’s ok to be human.

Sarah’s articles can be found here.

Sarah Family Shot

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