In-Store E-Cigarette Ads Double Likelihood of Teen Vaping; TV Ads Impact Young Adults

(U.S.) – A recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics indicates e-cigarettes are the most popular tobacco product today among teens and young adults.

Officials site one reason for the growing popularity may be the unregulated marketing of e-cigarettes. According to a recent study, researchers determined that children (ages 12-17) who reported remembering store-based e-cigarette marketing were twice as likely to start vaping within 2.5 years.

Additionally, researchers who followed thousands of teens and young adults who reported never having vaped found they were influenced both by in-store and TV marketing, increasing the likelihood they will vape by 30%.

Researchers concluded that the unregulated marketing of e-cigarettes directly contributes to the popularity of vaping among teens and young adults.

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