This cat… this is Gizmo. I cannot leave the house without this kitty.

There are times where I want nothing more to cut this cat into little shreds because of my daughter’s infatuation with this cat. I have spent hours searching for this cat because my daughter cries if she doesn’t have it to sleep, I have had to drive from my house to new Philadelphia searching for this cat. To me, that’s exactly what this toy is just a cat. To my daughter, this is her security.

I never understood how important security was in our life. Have you ever had to walk back up the steps as you were leaving, to make sure you turned the straightener off, Or you put the dogs in their cage? These are all signs of security. Security is a sense of safety, and I never understood how important it is in humans lives, not just my own. My life has recently come into a lot of change, causing a lack of control, A sense of fear due to the unknown, and this has caused me a great deal of depression. It wasn’t until that situation had answers and I had a plan that I felt secure.

Security is not just maintaining financial stability, or stable housing, or even having transportation to get back-and-forth to work. Sometimes, it could be as simple as having a cat named gizmo to hold while your mom is away at work. After going through my own struggles, I came home and I kissed my daughter; and You best believe I Pet that cat and gave it the biggest hug, which brought sincere gratitude to my daughter’s eyes. It was also on this day I had that same look of gratitude towards my daughter for reminding me security is a normal human feeling and it’s all about the response.

How strong is my daughter for going to school every day without this cat? She doesn’t cry all day because she doesn’t have this cat, she waits patiently and trusts That when she gets home she will get that cat again, and if she doesn’t get the cat right away or she can’t find him someone will help her. Same with adults, even when we feel the fear of the unknown hold tight and trust on the people you have built support systems with, God, and trust in yourself. You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for especially during a stressful event. If I expect my daughter to do this every day, I have to make sure I live that same standard.

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