Lawsuit possible in relation to New Philadelphia School Board election candidates

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – Petitions for four candidates for New Philadelphia Board of Education have been rejected by the Tuscarawas County Board of Elections.

The board announced recently to uphold its original decision to reject the petitions for candidates Darrin Lautenschleger, Sheila Martin, Todd McMath, and Andrea Tyson. Officials noted their petitions did not have “a sufficient number of signatures” to qualify placing their names on the general election ballot in November. Ohio law states candidates must have 75 valid signatures in order to get on the ballot if the district’s population is greater than 20,000. The New Philadelphia School District population is 22,214.

Reports also indicate McMath’s petition was rejected for defective circulator affidavit as well.

At a recent hearing, all four candidates indicated they were notified that they only needed 25 valid signatures and that if they submitted more than 75, their petitions would be rejected. Sheila Martin has stated that she feels as though her civil rights have been violated due to an error made by the board of elections.

Reports indicate Lautenschleger expressed interest in considering a lawsuit regarding the matter.

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