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Being a parent is the hardest job in the world!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a “how to” manual and sometimes we can feel like we aren’t doing a good-enough job as a mom. Those feelings of doubt, guilt, confusion, etc are NORMAL when it comes to parenting.

All you need to know about parenting is that “good-enough” is good-enough.

Let me explain a little more….there is no such thing as a perfect parent, despite your best efforts.  Every kiddo is unique, has different needs, and different personalities. What works with one, may not work with the other. What is more important is that you make a perfect effort.

The perfect effort is simply doing your best as you are able and showing yourself compassion when you don’t nail it perfectly. By doing so, you are teaching your children how to persevere, accept themselves as they are, and live contentedly.

Persevering means you stick to it. You keep showing up for your children and giving it your best effort. You view past mistakes or regrets as learning opportunities to do it differently as you move forward so that your children learn to perceive mistakes as chances for opportunity and growth, not as failure. Failure only happens when you stop trying.

Self-acceptance is critical to thriving in life and comes from forgiving yourself when you make mistakes. It conveys to your children that you will be okay no matter what happens and teaches them to be self-efficient and resilient. Both skills are vitally necessary when navigating all that life throws our way.

Living contentedly means we are generally satisfied with our choices in life and knowing we have the ability to change what does not serve us in a healthy way. Feeling capable of making choices that brings about change comes from feeling equipped to manage feelings and relationships.

When you model each of these concepts for your children, you are being the parent your child needs to thrive in life.

Tracie Giffin, MA, LPCC is a Licensed psychotherapist who helps moms with parenting concerns. If you would like more information about her areas of expertise or would like to work on parenting strategies with Tracie, please contact her at


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