Ohio Department of Health to spend millions to increase education about e-cigarettes

(Ohio) – The ODH plans to spend $4.1 million over two years to increase e-cigarette education and provide communities with resources to help curb their use.

The state explained in a recent statement that it plans to spend $3.3 million to create and promote resources for community groups and organizations to educate youth and others about the risks of vaping and ways to curb e-cigarette use. An additional $800,000 is set to go to public education campaigns targeted at youths and parents on vaping and the statewide Tobacco 21 law that takes effect on October 17th.

State officials note they plan to send a letter to Ohio school districts as well, encouraging them to implement policies prohibiting vaping products and to advise school administrators, teachers, parents, and students about the vaping risks and where to find free help to quit.

Concerns regarding e-cigarettes and vaping have increased as the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported more than 450 people in 33 states developing severe lung illnesses after vaping.

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