Study finds it’s healthy for moms to have someone to vent to

(U.S.) – A recent study is supporting the idea that it is healthy for mothers to have a tribe of women who have her back.

The recent study by the Association of Maternal Social Relationships with Cognitive Development in Early Childhood suggests having a circle of friends to talk to and rely on is good for not only momma but also for the kids!

In the study, researchers determined that when mothers have a strong, supportive network of friends, their toddlers tend to do better on cognitive tests. On average, moms say they have around 3-4 people they can rely on for help within their social network. The study found that when moms had fewer people to rely on, their toddler’s had lower cognitive test scores and when they had more people, the scores went up.

Researchers noted the importance of the study by explaining that it “examines how different types of social network structures are associated with early cognitive development in children.”

When moms have a support system their children benefit too.


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