Mentor Mondays – The volunteers make it possible!

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – Big Brothers Big Sisters is committed to a mission of creating and supporting one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.

In this, it’s clear that the organization’s focus is to serve children. “We desire to make a difference and empower potential for youth in our area,” explained Olivia Scally BBBS Director of Development and Marketing. “However, children are not our customers.”

This year at the national conference it was shared that while children are our mission, they are not our customers. Our customers are the mentors that work with the kids…the Bigs. While the important work we do has a direct impact on the lives and future of our Littles, our job is to empower and support our Bigs so they feel equipped and capable of mentoring their Little. 

“Supporting our Bigs is a huge part of our organization and we’re committed to providing them resources and empowering them to be the best Big possible,” added Scally. “We take great care to recruit quality, committed Bigs.”

The organization notes that support is not only to support the family and assist the needs of the Little, but to give the Big the skills, encouragement, and tools necessary for them to build a healthy & long-lasting relationship with their little.

For more information about becoming a Big with Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio, visit the organization’s website! You can also find more information by visiting them on Facebook.

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