Tuscarawas County Job & Family Services teams up with Fostering Love

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – Tuscarawas County Job & Family Services is teaming up with Fostering Love to bring more even more to the local community.

According to their website, Fostering Love desires to provide a holistic level of care for all those involved on the front lines of Foster Care. From foster children and foster parents to caseworkers and biological parents and caregivers, we desire to foster love to foster care.

Services the organization provides include:


-respite nights

-social events for families to have fun and connect

-freezer meals

-meal delivery and welcome baskets


-appreciation dinners

-advocacy collaboration


-connection to community resources

-meal delivery

 Officials explained the mission of the organization is to foster love to foster care. Their vision, ‘every child seen, every family known, every agency loved.’ It is estimated that 438,000 children nationwide are in the foster care system and roughly 40% of all households who begin the foster care process quit after just one year because there is not enough support, according to Fostering Love officials.

In April 2017, Fostering Love launched a partnership with its first agency, Caring for Kids. Through monthly social events, relationships formed and revealed a need for respite, an opportunity for foster parents to rest apart from their children. With social events and respite nights, trust between the children, families, and the agency was established. As foster families found support through Fostering Love events, their vision began to grow.

The organization established a second Fostering Love partnership with Adriel in August 2018.

“We are committed to engaging our city, state, and nation to foster love to foster care so that every child is seen, every family is known, and every agency is loved,” officials added.

Tuscarawas County Job & Family Services is now working with Fostering Love to ensure local foster families and all others involved in the process always have access to the resources and support they need.

For more information contact Tuscarawas County Job & Family Services.

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